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1.     To play volleyball at the Winchester, all players MUST BE 21 OR OVER. Player’s must be able to provide a valid driver’s license or photo ID and sign the waiver.

                 Team Waiver -
                 Captain's Waiver -

2.     You MUST BE 21 to consume any alcohol! Any team providing alcohol to a minor will be dismissed from the league and banned from the bar.

3.     NO OUTSIDE FOOD, BEVERAGES, ALCOHOL, OR COOLERS ARE ALLOWED ON THE PREMISES. All food and beverages must be purchased on site and ALL alcohol must be consumed within the complex. This is a STATE LAW.

4.     No glass containers are to be taken out of the building and onto the volleyball courts.

5.     If a team cannot make the scheduled game, it is the team captain’s responsibility to contact the opposing team’s captain and confirm with the volleyball coordinator (preferably within 24 hours). If no confirmation is received and opposing team shows, it will be considered a forfeit.

6.     WE PLAY VOLLEYBALL RAIN OR SHINE!! Winchester’s will rarely cancel games prior to game time due to weather. Please DO NOT call the bar to see if your game is cancelled. The call will be made based on weather no earlier than 6pm before each night of play.

a.     Only extreme weather conditions will cause a cancelation. We will use our best judgement in cancellations and will post it on our Facebook page. If possible, we will contact team captains via phone/email.

b.     In the event of lightening, we will announce for teams to clear the courts if we feel there is a safety issue.

c.     If teams feel they need to postpone their games –for weather or other reasons—it is the responsibility of the 2 team captains to agree and have 2 weeks to make up the game at an agreed upon time and MUST INCLUDE THE VOLLEYBALL COORDINATOR to assure there is a court available at the rescheduled time.

d.     If Winchester’s elects to cancels games for weather safety, games are not made up.  Week 10 is reserved as tournament week.

7.     No animals are allowed to be on the patio or inside the Winchester establishment.

8.     ALL players including ANY subs must sign the waiver. Team captains are responsible for making sure all players sign and waiver is turned in the first night before play. Also any subs throughout the season must stop and sign the waiver. (These will be available each night of play in the beer garden).

9.     Team name should be fun and in good sport. However, Winchesters has the right to ask any team to change names should we feel it is too inappropriate.

10.  6 person teams must have at least 4 players present to play without forfeiting and all teams should be made up of at least 2 women to play. If a complete team is not here 15 minutes after league is started, all wins will go to the opponents and you will be marked a No Show.

11.  Matches consist of 3 games played with rally scoring. Every serve is a point. All three games are played to 21 and must be won by two points.

12.   It is important we stay on schedule to avoid running to far over and delaying other games. Tournament night will have different scoring.

13.  Volleyballs will be available from the Winchester first come first serve. A valid ID or car keys must be used to check out a ball. If you choose to use your own ball, Winchesters will not be responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged volleyballs.

14.  There is a hose available to rinse off sand before coming in the bar and/or leaving. Please do not let children play in the hose, it is for players only to rinse off.

15.  Teams may rotate players into the game at any designated back position. Teams must rotate (the entire team must rotate) not just the front or back rows only. Males sub for males and women sub for women.

16.  There are a few things to remember when hitting the ball.

a.     If the ball is hit more than one time before going back over the net, a girl must have come in contact with the ball at least once. (Girl/Boy/Boy; Boy/Boy/Girl; or Boy/Girl/Boy).

b.     Blocking a spike is not considered a hit and counted towards the 3 hits for that side.

c.     A spiker must contact the ball on his/her side of the net but may in the course of the follow through cross the plain of the net as long as he/she does not touch the net.

d.     A player may not cross the plain of the net to block spike or hit. Players may also not hit the net. If net is called play is over and opposing team gets the point.

e.     Players may cross the centerline under the net as long as it does not interfere with opponents play.

f.      If two players hit the ball simultaneously, it is considered 1 hit.

g.     Players can hit the ball with any part of their body at one time. Another player must touch/hit the ball before a player can hit it again.

h.     Obvious lifts or grasping/throwing the ball will not be allowed. “Loosely called” double hits, lifts, etc will be allowed.

17.  The boundary line is in. If the line moves, the ball is in. Out of bounds is when the ball either leaves the playing area or enters another court.

18.  First serve is determined by a volley between the two teams. Winner of the volley serves first.

a.     You may serve the ball from anywhere behind the back line and between the net standards.

b.     In all regular 6x6 coed play, overhand serves are allowed but no jump serves. Once a team scored 3 points in a row using overhand serves, the 4th serve should be underhand before you can serve overhand again. (3 over, 1 under, 3 over, 1 under).

19.  There are no refs for sand volleyball so teams are responsible for keeping scores during games and reporting it each night of play to the bartender outside. You must report game wins and losses each week whether you won or lost. This will help determine standings for tournaments.

20.  If you bring your children to Winchester’s with you please keep the following rules in mind.

a.     Children must be under the supervision of an adult 18 or over at all times.

b.     Children are NOT ALLOWED on the courts.

c.     There is a designated sandbox for children to play in. 

d.     If they are at the court with you, they must stay at the tables.

e.     Do not let children sit on the side of the courts near the boundary lines/serving area.

f.      Children must be accompanied by an adult inside the bar area.

g.     Any team that does not follow the above rules for their child(ren), and is repeatedly reprimanded will be asked to leave.

21.  If any player or team is asked to leave for breaking one of the rules or regulations a refund will not be given.

22.  Tournaments

a.     All teams must be there at 7pm

b.     Brackets will be set up by Volleyball coordinator and is double elimination. 

c.     Scoring for tournaments are best of 3. If a team wins 2 games a 3rd game is not needed.

                                               i.     Winners bracket is rally scoring, 3 games to 15

                                              ii.     Losers bracket is rally scoring, 1 game to 21.

Winchester Volleyball Coordinator has the authority to make any/all final decisions regarding anything questionable and/or not covered in this packet. As well as make any changes throughout the season.

Any questions, please email or call 402-331-9933