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Winchester Sand Volleyball League Rules

Required Waiver:

Each player must sign the provided waiver of liability BEFORE they can play the first game. New players can be added to your team by speaking with the volleyball bar bartender on duty and signing a waiver on-site BEFORE playing their first game. 

Everyone can sign this: Team Waiver of Liability  (download)

Game Play Rules

  1. Starting Summer of 2015 All Leagues are now 21+
  2. Play consists of 6 players (plus subs). Must have at least 4 people to play with 2 of those being female.
  3. A serve that touches the net and continues over is in play.
  4. No lifting, this is a violation
  5. No contact with the net, this is a violation.
  6. Three touches per side with one touch being a woman, unless the serve is returned on the first hit.
  7. The ball may be played with any part of the body.
  8. No blocking serves.
  9. No double hits, except on serves and spikes.
  10. Play is from pole to pole.
  11. Any part of the ball touching the rope is in.
  12. All leagues will play 3 sets per match; 2 games to 15 standard scoring and a 3rd game to 25 using rally scoring. Games need to be won by 2 points. The match is considered over after 1 hour. It is important we stay on schedule to avoid running to far over and delaying other games.Tournament night will have different scoring.
  13. BOTH Teams are responsible for entering their scores for the week.
  14. If a team is unable to play when it is scheduled on a given night they must notify both Winchester and the captain of the opposing team.
  15. If a team misses two weeks without notifying Winchester or the captain of the team they are supposed to play at least 24 hours in advance, they will be removed from the league.
  16. If a team is more than 10 minutes late to the court they will have to forfeit and take the losses for the night.  If both teams still would like to play then they are encouraged to play for fun with the wins still credited to the on-time team.
  17. Matches must start within 10 minutes of the scheduled start time and be completed within the scheduled hour.  Without prior permission, any points scored after the hour is up will not be counted towards your total. Once the hour is up, the game is over and the next matchup takes the court.
  18. Any team member(s) behaving  in an unsportsmanlike manner, acting aggressively, using obscene or hateful language will be instructed to leave the premises immediately. After review of the situation further action can be taken potentially resulting in the player and/or team being suspended, removed from the leegue for the season or permanently banned, all with no refund. 
  19. Any team member(s) found fighting, purchasing alcohol for minors, allowing a minor to consume alcohol or bringing outside alcohol into the courts will be removed from the league immediately and if warranted, authorities notified.
  20. Any team member(s) or team guest(s) that is a minor and attempts to purchase alcohol will be removed from the league immediately, banned from the premises, and if warranted, authorities notified.
  21. Any minors that are team members or guests are not allowed to share a table that has alcohol.
  22. Any team member(s) consuming alcohol in the parking lot at any time will not be allowed back on the premises for the first offense, and removed permanently from the league on second offense.
  23. Respect the other players, teams, and Winchester staff.  Winchester and their staff reserves the right to refuse service to anyone as well as request their removal from the premises for any language, actions or behavior deemed inappropriate.